//The best Android 2019 applications for mobile phones and tablets
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The best Android 2019 applications for mobile phones and tablets

The best Android 2019 applications for mobile phones and tablets

[FREE ANDROID APPLICATIONS: The 100 best of 2019 that you can DOWNLOAD]: The BEST ANDROID APPLICATIONS 2019 free and paid for mobile and tablet (UPDATED). Here you have the essential Android applications (APPs): From applications to link, through applications to download music, applications to watch football online, … What are the best applications of 2019?

To make this list we have completely revised the section of Google Play applications taking into account all the features of the apps: design, score, price (free or payment), security, popularity, … Then we have grouped them into 10 categories that They contain the best applications in their sector. A job that has led us to dedicate more than 15 hours.

But before showing you the list, we show you the 10 best generic Android applications that never go out of style (the historical ones), the essential applications that every Android mobile and tablet should have.

The essential Android applications [APPs]


We arrived at an application that everyone knows, WhatsApp. This is one of the first applications that you will surely install when you get the terminal and start using it. The most famous messaging application in the world is used to send and receive text messages, voice and calls. We always recommend that you have it updated and available on your mobile, so you can download it for free on Google Play:

Download WhatsApp

Telegram Messenger is the main competitor of WhatsApp. This is another messaging service with which you can send and receive text and voice messages, as well as images and videos. A 100% free application, which has been the choice of many users. I leave the link to download on Google Play.

Download Telegram Messenger

Google Maps
Google Maps is the most famous and important Android navigation and GPS application on Google Play. You will find it for free and you will be able to see on your Android mobile and tablet the map where you are at that moment, besides being able to choose the place where you want to take you and the preferred route. An essential application in any terminal and that you will find, as we have said before, free on Google Play. We leave the link below:

Download Google Maps

Today Weather
TodayWeather is a relatively new application in the time-sharing applications scene, but it has impressed both users and Google, and is in fact considered one of the best apps. The user interface of the application is simple, easy to understand and very detailed.

The application asks us to write the city or town in which we want to do the query and then displays the weather information for our locations from one of the five user-selectable sources, including Weather Underground, AccuWeather and Yr.no, a service of forecast that can generate more accurate forecasts for many parts of the world. If you are looking for a weather application that is really effective and guesses correctly, this is definitely the one you should download.

Download Today Weather

In addition to good speed and ease of use, SkyScanner has become one of the best Android applications for those looking for flights to any destination.

An effective app that through bar charts is able to tell us that daily, weekly or monthly flights are the cheapest, so it is excellent in many ways and means it can help you immediately decide which is the cheapest date to book your flight within a period of time. It is also not necessary to include a destination if you do not want it. The app also shows the flights that are cheaper each week, so if you have not decided where to go on vacation, for example, you can be guided by this recommended application that is also free.

Download SkyScanner

Google Photos
Google Photos has become the most used service in Android phones. It seems that it is an app that has been accompanying us all our lives but in reality it was launched on the market in 2015, it has only been with us for a few years. It is an application that offers you free storage in the cloud and, in addition, it is a powerful search engine for photos and videos very quickly.

Download Google Photos

No need to talk much about Skype. This application is the one we use for video calls and is connected to Windows Live. With this app you can call, chat and make video calls of all kinds. It is advisable to use with WiFi. You will find it free on Google Play at the following link.

Download Skype

What can we say about Facebook? Perhaps the most popular social network and used throughout the world. It is still one of the best Android applications that we have or have installed on our device, so that we can open and manage our Facebook account also from the smartphone. It’s free and easily available on Google Play.

Download Facebook

Evernote is an app similar to Google Keep although something more complete. It allows you to make all kinds of notes and the best of all is that it is a cross-platform application so we can start a note on the mobile, continue on the tablet and end up on the PC or laptop.

Download Evernote

If you like music, you must have installed Shazam on your Android mobile or tablet. This is perhaps one of the most downloaded music apps in the world thanks to being the one that “saves our lives” every time we listen to a song on the radio, television or even on our device.

With Shazam installed on your phone you can quickly find out who sings and what the song is ringing at that moment. In addition you can follow the lyrics of any song you are listening to and add a novelty as it allows us to see which songs have “shazamed” as well known artists as Calvin Harris, Pitbull or Jason Derulo.

Download Shazam Free

Download Shazam Encore for Payment

Given the essential applications that every Android phone must have, we turn to applications that may be in the background but are equally important than the first. We start!

In this top you will not find games, since we have separated it in the following guide: BEST JUSGOS ANDROID 2019

Applications to download music 2019
Spotify Premium Free [APK]
This is one of the best applications to listen to music. With Spotify you will be able to create playlists to listen to your favorite music wherever you are.

It has two versions, one for payment and another for free. The paid version has many more options and will come without advertising, however the free version does not. For the users of Plaitec we leave you an APK version of Spotify premium FREE in which you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of the Premium without paying anything.

Another of the best apps to download music on our device is TinyTunes, which is one of those free download applications, without viruses and that works perfectly on our phones.

*** Tinytunes

Enjoy your favorite artists without Internet when and where you want. Download the fashionable songs or the classics that marked your life.

Download TinyTunes

Music Maniac
The Music Maniac application has been one of the favorite applications for a long time for those who want to download and listen to music on their Android device. This application gives you access to a huge database of mp3 songs and you will find almost all the songs licensed under creative commons.

You can search for songs by title or by artist and then start the download. The progress of the download can be seen in the application or in the notification bar of your Android. The downloaded songs will have all the necessary tags, such as song and artist title, album title and date. The downloaded songs are stored in the “Musicmaniac” folder on your SD card.
Download Music Maniac

Gtunes Music
Another essential application to download music to your smartphone is the GTunes Music application that is available for free. An app that has a simple user interface and allows you to download millions of songs at no cost. The best part is that the sound quality is amazing and offers a clear user experience for your ears. What else? It allows you to create your own personal ringtones from your favorite tracks and assign them to your contacts.

Download Gtunes Music

Mp3 Music Downloader
Mp3 Music Downloader allows you to download unlimited music and audio files. It is a free application that will allow you to download all kinds of music and audio files from Mp3 sites. The best part is that you can read the lyrics while listening to your favorite track.

Download Mp3 Music Downloader

Of all the applications that we are seeing, without a doubt, TubeMate is one of the best applications for downloading music for Android and that is why it is one of the most downloaded on Android phones. You can use YouTube or any place where a video appears.
Just install it on your device, you will realize that you are able to download almost any website where a video content is embedded, without showing any impediment.

With TubeMate, you can even download YouTube videos without any problem or in fact, from any video portal you can imagine. It is very simple and intuitive.

TubeMate is not in Google Play so you have to download the secure APK that we leave you below:

Download TubeMate

With SnapTube, it is very easy to quickly find the video you need and download it to your device with a high quality resolution. Do you only want to download the audio? No problem, SnapTube takes care of that and extracts it as an MP3. These are some other features that make SnapTube the best YouTube download apps.

You can also download in multiple resolutions. All videos can be downloaded in MP4 format with resolutions from 360 pixels to 720 pixels high definition, or as we have indicated, download in music file format.

Snaptube is not in Google Play so you have to download the secure APK that we leave below:

Download Snaptube

atube catcher
Although the name suggests that this is just a YouTube downloader, aTube Catcher really helps you save videos from most of the great hosting sites and video sites. But you will not only be able to download videos, with the aTube Catcher application you will be able to download the music from YouTube videos easily.

Downloaded videos can be automatically converted to different formats, so you can adapt them for a preview or for any device on which you intend to view them. If you’re looking to download a large number of videos, you can download them all at once, maximizing your bandwidth, something that is not available on all YouTube downloader downloads.

This free YouTube music and video downloader also offers many additional extras, such as the ability to record any video on the screen, combine video and record discs.

aTube Catcher is not in Google Play so you have to download the secure APK that we leave you below:

Downloade atube catcher

Fildo is an Android application that allows you to listen, share and download music on your Android mobile. With it you can download or transmit music from around the world no matter how hard it is to find it.

The application works by searching for the songs you want to download from various sources. And if you do not want to download the app, you can listen to music online or also because you can not, you can choose the themes and leave them downloaded inside the app to listen to them when you are ofline.

you are ofline.

One of the main advantages of Fildo compared to other similar applications is that it does not actually store any content. The application only acts as a link between users and other services (such as NetEase) from there you can download songs comfortably.

Download Fildo

Huawei Music Player
Huawei Music Player is as the name suggests, the Huawei application to listen to music from Android phones, but we can also download it to our Android phone or tablet to listen to music (whatever the brand). The application has a very simple interface to use, and thousands of songs, so that once downloaded (in this case it will be an APK file), you can listen and download all the themes you want. It is an application that is not in Google Play so you have to download the secure APK that we leave below:

Download Huawei Music Player

If you want to see more applications to download music, take a look:

Best Applications to download free music
Applications to flirt and meet people 2019
If you are looking to flirt or meet people to go out and have fun, we leave you the best applications for it. These are the apps that are most petando!

Tinder is the best application to link from our list. The application to meet people most downloaded from Google Play and found in millions of Android phones around the world. I think all those people are not going to be wrong right?

With Tinder you will have an application with a simple and intuitive interface that surprises with great fluidity and is the perfect tool to find a new love, friends, … Thanks to your profiles, the app to link will be able to show you the most related to you.

Download Tinder

OkCupid has become in its own right a “classic” application among the apps that are most used to link or find a partner. When downloading, the app offers a series of questions to mathematically match you with a compatible appointment. Your “transmission” service sends you a note so that you know which people related to you are nearby, it is an especially useful way to spend your free time looking for love.

Download OkCupid

If you take seriously the search for that special thing called love, then eHarmony is for you. The application takes very seriously the fact that you find a partner, and that is why they are one of the best online dating sites. They have even patented the eHarmony compatibility system, for which they have taken 35 years of research. The system consists of a questionnaire about relationships and they take pride in achieving, as no other app does, matching users with people who are really compatible with them.

Download eHarmony

Created by the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe, Bumble is a dating application for women, which means that they must take the first step and send a message first. Bumble works with the same slide to the left or to the right as Tinder, but it has a twist: the girl only has 24 hours to send a message before the possible appointment disappears. Men can extend this time for another 24 hours if they are really interested.

Download Bumble

Happn, founded in France, is a location-based application since it is able to list potential citations that have happened near where you are located, which you can see as a long and endless list with profile photos, age, and plus. Once you develop your profile, you can verify the exact point where you have crossed with that person and get in touch with them.

Download Happn
crossed with that person and get in touch with her.

Download Happn

Groopify is ideal to meet a group of friends when you travel abroad. You can even start using it before traveling to chat with people you might want to meet once you arrive. It is ideal for groups, so if you have created a group of friends on vacation and want to meet a group of local friends, this application is for you.

Download Groopify

Another application that we can say that is designed for girls, like Bumble, is Boompi. With this app you have the possibility to find the love of your life, but also allows you to have the help of your “friends” who can be authorized to enter as “ghost profiles” so that they can see the possible candidates that the application chooses. They can see your conversations and express their opinion on whether or not it suits you. A pretty “discussed” app on this aspect but it is worth trying if you are looking for fun as well as love.

Download Boompi

Badoo is another really effective application to find related people and is in fact one of the most downloaded in our country. After filling out your profile, the application starts looking for people like you and many are the people who say they have found love or what they are looking for, thanks to Badoo. It is really simple to use and is full of candidates and candidates so what are you waiting for ?. It should be added that the app was born from Facebook, so it really has millions of people registered, which increases the chances of finding friends, boyfriends or whatever you are looking for.

Download Badoo
Grindr is in case you do not know already, the most popular app for dating or finding love in the gay community. This famous application allows you to include your profile with several photos and chat with everyone around you; In fact, you can classify the users according to the distance from your location. You can add favorites, send images in private and subscribe to an “extra” service if the free features are not enough.

Download Grindr

If what you are looking for is really fun, at the same time that you try to find love, nothing like Adoptauntio. A service that was born as a web and now is also available as an app, where we can find mostly men, so it is another app designed for women although the truth is that they can also register in order to find a couple. First they will make themselves known, they are the ones that they choose, and they can decide later if they want to continue or not in contact with the woman who has selected them. Easy, fun and with a simple registration if we take into account that you can enter through your Facebook account.

Download Adoptauntio
If you want to see more apps to flirt and meet people, take a look: Applications to Link and Meet People, The best

Applications to watch series and movies 2019
If you are one of those who can throw away whole days watching movies, series and novels, we tell you which are the best applications. Get ready because you will be enjoying these apps for many hours!

We begin this review of the best applications to watch series and movies 2019 talking about Kodi, an app that has a wide variety of channels and content that you can enjoy completely free. An application that is also one of the few that allows us to add those contents that we want to see or follow. In this way you can download Kodi and add the addons that is, functions so you can see all the series and movies that you want and that you do not usually find easily on the internet.

Download Kodi
Movistar + (Yomvi)
Movistar, formerly known as Yomvi, is the application that can be downloaded for free by all those who are Movistar customers. A really recommendable app since it allows you to see all the contents of Movistar (Yomvi) without the need as well as having to be connected to the network or Wifi since you can download series, programs and movies on demand for later viewing offline . The interface has been updated a lot (something that is appreciated) and in the app you will find all the contents of Movistar in general, emphasizing the latest releases of films and their original series.

Download Movistar +

Rakuten (Old Wuaki.tv)
Rakuten is an application to watch series and films born in Spain so that it is perhaps one of the most popular in our country. It does not stop being like a kind of online video store, if we take into account that its catalog of series and movies can be rented after paying prices that range between 1.99 and 4.99 euros, but also has a section of content that is completely free, so that some of the series and movies you can see them without having to pay anything.

Download Rakuten

For those who seek to find truly original and different series and movies, nothing like Flooxer. A relatively new application that was launched by Atresmedia, so it has among its contents many of the series or movies that they offer on their television channels, but this is not their great attraction. Flooxer is an app that has as I say, original content, series created just for them and that are also giving a lot to talk about: this is the case, for example, of Paquita Salas.

Download Flooxer

Mitele is another application to watch series and movies but in this case we have to say that it is the Mediaset app for its online contents so that in it you will be able to find all the movies and series that they offer on their channels (Telecinco, Cuatro, FDF, Energy and Divinity), in addition to the programs they usually offer. It is completely free but yes, once downloaded you must register as a registered user to access the contents.

Download Mitele

Netflix dominates the world of streaming online TV and movies. It has a number of movies and series that you can not miss. The service also creates your own content, with varied suggestions including original comedies, cartoons, series and documentaries. Some of their titles have become cultural phenomena, so Netflix can not miss you. Here we show you how to watch Netflix Free.

Download Netflix

Like Netflix, HBO has come to Spain with a host of content and original series that everyone is looking for. This is the application where you will be able to win series in recent years such as Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies or The Handmaid’s Tale and all of them for free because although the service is paid (just seven euros a month), it allows us to be able to do a one-month test completely free. If there is a series that you are interested in seeing on your specific device, take advantage of that free month and download now HBO.

Download HBO

Amazon Prime (Prime Video)
Along with Netflix and HBO, Amazon Prime has become one of the best alternatives to watch movies and series on our Android devices. This is the application of original series where you will be able to see titles of leftovers known as Transparent or Top Gear. The application is also one of the few of the recent streaming services that works with a really remarkable viewing quality. The only “but” is that it is treated like the previous ones of a content service for which we have to pay, but the truth is that also like Netflix and HBO allows us to enjoy 30 free trial days. What are you waiting for?.
test. What are you waiting for?.

Download Amazon Prime (Prime Video)

Show Box
We continue to see the best apps to watch series and movies in 2019 and of course, we have to talk about Show Box, an application that stands out not only for having an endless series and movies that you can watch or download completely free, but also through from it, we can also download torrents so that you can make it easier to download content. The application is also compatible with Chromecast.

Download Show Box (Copy and paste the following link) ?? https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/show-box-2/show-box/show-box-4-10-release/

To finish this our review of the best applications to watch series and movies 2019, Crackle is one of the most interesting recommendations that we can make. An app that has a simple interface where you can directly access its catalogs of movies and series with outstanding titles if we take into account that the application belongs to Sony. It’s completely free and you can also synchronize with Chromecast.

Download Crackle

If you want to see more applications to watch series and movies, take a look:

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??Pages to Watch Movies Online Free??

Applications to watch football for free 2019
Below we show you the best applications to watch football for free and live for Android. Some of the applications are not available on Google Play, however, we have left the APK free and secure so you can have the application on your mobile.

All the applications in this list are within the most complete top that you will find here: Top Apps to watch soccer online Free in HD

Direct red
One of the best applications to watch football for free. Rojadirecta has become one of the most downloaded applications to watch football and other sports by Android users. If you are a soccer lover, you must have this application on your mobile to be able to watch football wherever you are and at any time. You can download the Rojadirecta application for free at the following link:

Download RojaDirecta

WisePlay is another application to watch free football in HD that you can not miss. A recommended app in fact to be able to see all the television content to which also add IPTV lists in .wise and .m3u format directly to distinguish between what you want to see. Just add one (or the ones you want) from the Wiseplay lists to the app and they will play without problem, their contents.

Download WisePlay Free
Wiseplay lists to the app and will play without problem, its contents.

Download WisePlay Free

Free Direct GP
If you like soccer and can watch all the matches, of all the competitions and not only of Spain, Libre Directo GP is undoubtedly one of the best. An app with a simple and effective interface through which to look for when it is celebrated, the party that interests us. Once found, we can see several links, select the one we want and we can access the game without problem. This application is not in Google Play but we leave the link to your free APK.

Download APK Free Direct GP

Also among the best applications to watch football for free we have to highlight Sopcast, which has a computer version (original) and now with this app that is in fact the same as the program that we can use from our PC. An interface of the simplest takes us to see what games are going to be played in the next weeks or days. We just select the one that interests us and we can see the game in question. We can also see other contents such as series and movies.

Download Sopcast APK

Splive TV
Splive TV has become another of the reference Android applications to watch football for free, which is why we have included it in this list and in our apps top to see the free football live online in HD. This app has the ability to broadcast live football matches of all leagues and major competitions in the world, no matter what league and competition you want to see, with Splive you will have any match (UEFA Champions League, LaLiga, Premier League, A series, …). To be able to see the multimedia content you will have to add the payment channels.
Eye, Splive is not in Google Play, we leave you below the free download link of your APK so that you can have it on your Android mobile or tablet, but first, you must have activated the option to install apps from “Unknown origins”.

Download APK Splive TV for Android

UStream is another application that we have to recommend if you want to find among the best to see free soccer. Thanks to UStream you can watch football without any restriction on the fly; all you need is just an active Internet connection. The best thing to know about this application is that it offers HD quality content transmission and works with a high response network. No need to worry about the complexities of any other user interface, in this case we speak of an easy and effective application like no other.

Download UStream

Livestream is an application that has a lot of channels related to football, but also through it you can see tennis, basketball, and many other outstanding content related to the world of sports. You can also configure the app to send you live notifications, when the game or what you want to see is available.

Download Livestream
To finish with the best applications to watch football 2019 we have to mention Veetle that not only allows you to find “links” or links to the latest sporting events that are being played but also allows you to upload your own content, so that with a bit of luck we can find a user who has uploaded the meetings that can be seen in payment channels.

Download APK Veetle

+ Applications to watch football for free [Bonnus]
Are not you interested in the previous apps or do they end up working? Quiet, we leave you a couple to resort to them if necessary:

Football Live
As its name suggests, Football Live is an application that allows you to see all football live. An app with a very basic but effective interface. All you have to do is download the app, and start looking for the game that interests you, not only football but also hockey, rugby, basketball and any sport in general. Once selected you can access the content but also, Football Live is suggesting (depending on what you usually see), other meetings that may interest you.

Download Football Live

If you want to free yourself from having to search too much to find a particular match, DIRECTV Sports is the best option. It offers an attractive service with unique live channels. This platform is growing day by day and currently offers more than 100 live television channels that cover sports and entertainment as well as news. Therefore, it has something unique to offer for all types of spectators, especially soccer lovers.

Download DIRECTV Sports

If you want to see more applications, enter:

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Exercise and running apps 2019
If you are one of those who like to be always on the move, we show you the best applications to exercise and run. Let’s go!

The first application to do sports and running that we want to highlight this 2019 is Strava, of which there is a version for both lovers of running and cycling lovers. This application not only calculates the distance we travel, the travel time and altitude, but also the heart rate and rhythm. In addition, all this is available in a clean interface that we can customize as we wish.

Download Strava
Another of the best applications for sports that we can download is Endomondo that
is a very useful application because it allows us to analyze in detail our sports activity, and in the specific case of running, it tells us the distance we are traveling, the duration of the race and also the amount of calories burned.

Download Endomondo

Runtastic can do much more than just keep track of your favorite running routes. This application makes a complete follow-up of all kinds of useful data and can also show maps that have a lot of information and that will help us plan future trips. It also has a fully integrated music player, for a complete training experience, ideal for when we practice cycling, hiking or a “simple” walk.

Download Runtastic Pro

Runkeeper is an application that not only monitors when you run or exercise, but it is also effective to follow your pace while you take a simple walk or bike ride. It provides all the data related to distance, time, pace used, calories burned and heart rate. Statistics are stored in a way that measures performance over time. More than 30 million people around the world use it and it is available for free for all Android devices.

Download Runkeeper
Android devices.

Download Runkeeper

Nike + Running
This application also offers all the details of your route, although Nike + Running is able to monitor the route you make via GPS, and also includes customized training programs. The race is monitored and archived and the results can be shared with friends through social networks. For those who have an iOS device, the Nike + Run Club application integrates with the native Health app. In addition to iPhone, it is also available for Android devices.

Download Nike + Running

Sport Tracker
The Sport Tracker app, is an application perhaps a little less known but also has many features that we can not miss and that are required in one of the best app to exercise. With it you can make the calculation of calories burned and the calculation of the duration of your physical activity. This application is available for Android, for iOS and for Windows Phone. Surely the use of these applications will not only give us great joy and satisfaction, but will allow us to keep a perfect track of our sporting activity.

Download Sport Tracker

Available for free for Android miCoach is an app for exercise and running developed by adidas. The app uses GPS and voice instructions in real time to guide training indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the collaboration of the brand with world-class sports personalities, the application also offers hundreds of strength and bending exercises to achieve the desired objectives, such as increasing speed, endurance and strength. The device, in fact, records training by measuring distance, pace and speed (thanks to Bluetooth support), calories burned and time spent, then analyzes the data and displays them in animated tables showing the changes along the weather.

Download miCoach

If you like to go hiking and hiking, MapmyHike is your application. With it you can map paths that you insert into the GPS, in addition to checking all the calories that you have spent while you have walked. In addition, the app can be synchronized to a portable device and connect with friends to stay motivated.

Download MapmyHike

GPS Hiking
Also for lovers of hiking, GPS Hiking is a more than recommended application. Acts with the function of a GPS and is also recommended in case you want to find a good app for those who practice cycling. It is completely free and the truth is that it is a most basic app. It has an interface in which we must enter the coordinates of our route and we can see which is the route to follow adding also the one that activates a function so that we can see the calories consumed.

Download GPS Hiking

Rock my Run
RockMyRun is perfect as an app to exercise daily or to run. The application changes the tempo of your music in execution depending on your footsteps or heart rate. It also allows you to set the tempo of a playlist, if you prefer to try to keep your feet in rhythm with the music. Not all playlists in the RockMyRun application have these advanced features, but many do. With a wide variety of genres, including the classic, RockMyRun has a lot of music to explore. In action, the music may sound a bit more frenetic than usual, but it is a great application, and is ideal for those who like to explore new music while they run.

Download RockMyRun

Zombies, Run!
To finish this review of the best applications for exercise and running 2019, nothing like Zombies Run! which is also effective, a most fun app. An app that has several free missions, that presents you in story mode and that you must execute so it motivates you to exercise. Sometimes, you will be asked to run and listen to the zombies chasing you. As you move forward, you will automatically collect items that can be used to improve your city after each mission. While running, you have a counter that will tell you how far you have come, your pace, a counter for the game elements and a status bar of the distance traveled.

Download Zombies, Run!

Applications to make and edit videos 2019
If you want to be able to have the best videos, we show you the best applications to make and edit videos 2019. All of them free and easy to use.

We started recommending VideoShow which is a popular video editing application that has a lot of unique features. In addition to standard editing and trimming tools, VideoShow has voice dubbing and even a built-in video compressor.

The application is perfect to be manipulated by “millenials” because it also has “fun” features, such as the ability to place stickers on your clips. As usual in applications that are oriented towards youth culture, VideoShow also has tools that allow you to export your videos to various social networks. This application is not available on Google Play but we leave you the download link of the free VideoShow APK:

Download APK Videoshow
KineMaster is a really recommendable application to edit videos from your mobile device since it emits multiple layers of video, images and text, as well as precise cuts and cuts, multi-track audio, precise volume control, color filters, 3D transitions and much more.

It also has a handwriting layer that allows you to draw directly on the video, which is useful for making a storyboard. These features make it one of the most powerful video editing applications on Android, very good for manual control of the process. This application is not available in Google Play but we leave you the download link of the free Kinemaster APK:

Download APK Kinemaster

Magisto Video Editor
Magisto is unique as an app for editing videos since it does all the heavy lifting for you. Just upload your videos, choose a theme and some music, and let Magisto do his magic. For someone who really does not know much or does not want to complicate life in video editing, Magisto is a “configure it and forget it” solution. The application will create excellent videos automatically. Magisto is a wonder in itself, but it may not be the best option for someone who wants to have ultimate control over the final product.

Download Magisto Video Editor
Horizon Camera
If you are one of the people who usually record videos in “portrait” or “portrait” mode, Horizon Camera is for you. An application to edit videos that allows you to rotate the videos so they do not always appear in vertical mode. On the other hand you can also use the application to record videos directly in landscape mode at a resolution of up to 2K and, as an additional benefit, you can zoom in and out by tilting your device. The new features include 60 and 120 FPS slow motion that you can activate with a simple touch and maintain, up to eight video filters in real time.

Download Horizon Camera

Hyperlapse uses impressive stabilization technology so you can shoot high-quality videos at time intervals without a tripod. It’s so good at softening the image that you can even use it to polish recorded shots while walking, running or traveling in a bumpy car. When you finish your video, you can complete up to 12 times the original speed.

Download Hyperlapse

Quik is an amazing video editing software created by GoPro, and makes it easy to create ready-made videos for you to share in social networks in a few minutes or less. You can add images (up to 200 of them), videos and music to your video with just a few clicks. It even has some excellent features that you will not see in other video editing applications, such as synchronization capability
automatic music It also automatically analyzes the images and videos you uploaded to select the best moments, but you can also choose to manually select them.

You can add text (with the sources of your choice), emojis and slide titles. This is easily one of the best mobile editing applications when it comes to trimming and reordering clips of images and videos with ease.

Download Quick

PowerDirector is an application that has been developed by Cyberlink and if that name is familiar to you, it is because this developer also created PowerDVD software for Microsoft Windows so that many recommend it as one of the best apps for editing videos.

As with KineMaster, you will find a clean interface with ease of professional use. It also presents a timeline with three tracks: video, audio and titles.

PowerDirector has a variety of transitions and effects that you can add to your video, plus it allows you to export videos in HD 720p resolution.

Download PowerDirector

FilmoraGo is an Android application as powerful as many desktop video editors, and works in the same way. Start by selecting video clips and photos from your device, Facebook or Google, and then add them to your project. The amount of multimedia files in your project will be displayed in a tab on the left.

Click on ‘Next’ to access the main editing screen. You’ll see a preview of all your images and video clips at the bottom of the screen. Although it is not labeled as such, this is a timeline, and you can drag each file to reorganize them as you wish. You may think it is too complicated, but the truth is that it is really easy and the result with effects of all kinds is practically that of a professional editor.

Download FilmoraGo

Here you have many more applications to make and edit quality videos:

Applications to edit photos 2019
Do you want to be able to make your photos look like a professional’s? Then nothing like doing with these applications to edit photos 2019. Let’s see what they are.

We will start by mentioning a Snapseed, an easy-to-use application that offers professional photo editing functions. This app is equipped with tools that will allow you to improve colors, make your selfies more attractive or even eliminate people you do not like from your photos. Each feature provided by this extraordinarily powerful application is very easy to use, so that in a few seconds your photos will be better than ever.

Experienced photo editors, on the other hand, will have a lot of fun using the HDR Scape, Double Exposure or Perspective tools that allow you to edit your images in a professional manner.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
Adobe Lightroom is considered one of the best photo editing programs ever created, and there is no reason to suppose that the application version for both iOS and Android of this photo editor is less powerful.

The application allows you to record videos or take photos, while also giving you access to the HDR mode that automatically extends the range of the exposure. Although Photoshop Lightroom provides professional photo editing tools, the application is easy to use and it will take you very little time to learn this application that allows its users to create excellent publications that they can later share on Instagram.

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Lens Distortion
If we have to recommend the best apps to edit photos, we have to talk about Lens Distortion, a program that finally comes in application format for Android devices with which to get your photos, specifically the “selfies” or the photos of faces are left perfect

With this application you can apply all those effects you always wanted for your photos. You can get to add different layers so that the result is authentically professional either to eliminate a background that you do not like, to erase it, to add something more light or as I say, to improve the image of your face in each selfie that you make.

Download Lens Distortion

Finally, we recommend VSCO Cam, which is an amazing application although it has all the features of a professional photo editing software because the options it provides allow users to have total control over the photo editing process.

VSCO can also be used to take pictures with the front and rear cameras, while its advanced camera settings can be used to adjust exposure, white balance or even to adjust the focus of the image manually. Editing photos with this application is simple and fun because even the most advanced photo editing tools are easy to use. If you choose to install VSCO on your smartphone you will become part of a community that could help you improve your photographic skills.

Download APK VSCO Cam

Here you have many more applications to edit photos:

Best Antivirus (Android Apps) 2019
If you want to have your phone always protected we have prepared a list with the 10 best antivirus for Android that we have tested and that we know for sure that they are 100% reliable.

Here you have many more Android antivirus apps: The 10 Best Antivirus for Android Free

If you are looking for a good antivirus for the computer nothing like Kaspersky that we can also get in application format for our mobile device. As the desktop version has an easy installation and features that guarantee that your device will be free of viruses.

You can also block applications that pose a threat to your mobile and close those that are running but have not used for a while. Avoid receiving spam on the phone and help you free up memory.

Download Kaspersky

Eset Mobile Security
After Kaspersky, we would say that Eset Mobile Security is one of the most complete antivirus applications we can recommend. In your case, it has a free version although we have to warn that we can only use it for 30 days. Anyway, it’s enough to check why it’s so good.

Not only does it analyze your phone in depth, but it sends you a report so you can see everything that has worked, blocks applications, has an “Anti-pishing” function, as well as another that is anti-theft and also sounds the mobile if you lose it and send an SMS to look for it.

Download Eset Mobile Security

NQ Mobile Security
As for NQ Mobile Security, we have to say that it offers the possibility of guaranteeing that your Internet browser from the mobile phone is safe all the time, since it is able to alert you if you visit any website that could be a scam, making a Backup your contacts, looking for malware that you may have received, and blocking applications that take weeks without using.
Download NQ Mobile Security
Antivirus for Android free
We continue to see what antivirus applications we can recommend and believe that Antivirus for Android Free is perhaps the easiest to use. Just download it allows you to review the entire mobile, closing applications, looking for malware, analyzing contacts and even reviewing those internet searches that can be malicious. It works fast and also, it frees us memory.

Download Antivirus for Android free

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus
As a genuinely free application for the Android platform, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus offers an impressive range of tools. It has antivirus protection, scans your applications to provide details about what they are doing, and has a web shield that scans URLs for malware.

The application also has several additional tools in the free or basic package that include a call blocker for the problematic numbers blacklist, an application locker to protect private applications with a PIN and Wi-Fi scanning options for greater security and speed. Unfortunately, the applications blocking and anti-theft functions require you to subscribe to the “Pro” version, which also removes ads and gives you direct support access from the application.

Download Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

AVG Antivirus
As one of the most important names of free antivirus software for various platforms, AVG Antivirus is also an application that stands out. In particular, its real-time malware detection rate is 99.9 percent.

Other features of AVG include a phone locator, application lock, call blocker and photo camera to hide those sensitive snapshots. In addition, it has some extras that you can try for free, such as the camera capture feature, which captures photos of anyone trying to unlock your phone.

Download AVG Antivirus

Lookout Security and Antivirus
Lookout Security and Antivirus is another antivirus application that you can not miss. In your case, we also have to say that it was one of the first apps to be launched to protect our devices so that the fact that it is still valid with the wide variety of antivirus that we find at the moment is really remarkable.

Its ease of use and functionality explains its popularity among Android users. It has a free version with which to protect us not only from malware, but also prevents us from downloading apps that are harmful to our device and makes really effective analysis in search of possible viruses.

Download Lookout Security and Antivirus

360 Security
360 Security is an application that has more than 100 million downloads, which says a lot about its quality and capacity. Besides being an antivirus application, it is also an anti-malware application. It has numerous features that will allow you to scan everything you need on your device.

Download 360 Security

Norton Antivirus and Security
Norton Antivirus and security offers excellent protection against malware, but also stands out for its functions of call blocking, text blocking and contact analysis, adding the excellent anti-theft functionality.

The application in its free version is highly recommended but if you get the paid version, you can also have App Advisor, a function that verifies the software and applications installed from the Google Play store for security reasons and privacy risks.

Download Norton Antivirus and Security

CM Security
To finish our review of the best antivirus applications we want to mention you, CM Security that has a network scanner; a clean and easy-to-use interface; an application blockage; and a call blocker.

To this we can add antitheft functions so it is really recommended, although yes, unfortunately the free version has too many ads.

Download CM Security
If you want to surf the Internet in a secure way, you are also interested in these apps: The best Free and unlimited VPN for Mobile

Applications to search for a job 2019
If what you want to be able to find is work, nothing like taking advantage of the best applications to find a job 2019 how are you.

The first application to find a job that we have to recommend is, of course, Infojobs, which has become the most visited portal for those who want to find work, as well as professionals. In this way you can download your app and from it not only upload your resume to sign up for the best offers, but you can also check the ones you are already signed up to and look for others that interest you in particular.

With Infojobs, the job search is refined more than ever, so you can install it for free and from your mobile access the same as you already have on your website. It is easy to use, with a fresh and intuitive interface and very effective. Undoubtedly the best app to find work of all.

Download Infojobs

On the other hand, we have to tell you about Indeed, an application to look for work that makes it the easiest thing in the world. If you download this app you will see that a search engine appears in which to enter the keyword of the job you want. All related results appear automatically. If there is one that interests youYou “click” on it, and you send your candidacy.

In addition, you can search for employment among more than 60 countries, although Indeed is an app that has more than 20 million jobs worldwide.

Download Indeed

Corner Job is a very curious application among the many that we have to look for work. In your case, it works searching for offers that are close to your location. In this way you just have to enter your data, and once done you can start looking for offers.

If you find something that interests you, you must click on the option “I sign up!” And you will be directly registered. If the company is interested in having you, you will receive a message so you can conduct a job interview.

Download CornerJob

JobToday is an application that we could recommend especially for those of you who are students or are looking for your first job since it is mainly focused on the sector of restaurants, bars and in fact everything that is services.
In this way it is an ideal app for the mentioned thing, or also for those who want to look for temporary work, for example summer vacations. In addition, it has a very easy to use user interface, which shows you by sections (waiter, bartender, etc. ..) the available offers. Just sign up and if they are interested in you they will be contacted through the data you have given.

Download JobToday

Addeco Spain
One of the most popular temporary work web pages in Spain is Addeco and now you can also download its mobile application. The app is completely free and for you to work, it requires you to upload your CV and interests so that it is the application itself that suggests to you which jobs may be the most interesting.

Download Addeco Spain

JobAndTalent is an application that, like others we have seen, is quite curious. With it you can not only search for work easily, but you can also manage everything that comes after. That is, with JobAndTalent you can also manage your contract, your payroll and in the case of finalizing the contract, the end of it.

Download JobAndTalent

Another of the recommended applications for those who walk in the job search is WorkToday that has innumerable offers spread throughout Spain.

With WorkToday you can create your profile in a matter of minutes and you will access an infinite number of offers that are related to you, all of them detailed. In addition, the app has the function known as “Strengths” in which highlight your strengths so that companies see directly what you can highlight.

Download WorkToday

Laboris Employment
In the same way as Adecco, Laboris is a well-known company of temporary work and work in general. Now we can also download your application to find work that is in addition to the most complete.

Once downloaded, it gives you access to a multitude of offers to search for jobs in detail. You can also filter your results not only by job, but also by location or, for example, by salary. Once you find what you’re looking for, you sign up by filling in your profile and you’re done! You can follow through alerts in which process your application is.

Download APK LaborisEmpleo

Milanuncios is an application that not only allows you to sell and buy everything but also has a section that is specific for job seekers.

In this way you can create your ad based on whether you offer yourself as a worker or on the contrary you can search among the many ads with offers, which hang individuals and companies. Finding a job with Milanuncios is quite easy, it does not require you to fill out a long CV and you can do a detailed search in the field that interests you.

Download Milanuncios

LinkedIn Job Search
To finish with our review of the best applications to search for work 2019, we recommend LinkedIn, which is undoubtedly the web and the app to promote yourself as professionals. With LinkedIn you can create a network of contacts that are similar to you, or work in something similar. With this you can be in contact with related professional people and they can contact you in the case of looking for professionals in your branch.

Download LinkedIn Job Search

Applications to learn English 2019
Have you marked the goal of learning English this year? Start by installing the best applications with which you can, or take the first steps with the language or become an expert in the English language. Let’s GO!

Google Translate
The application that allows us to translate any text. Simple and functional the Google translator has become, for many, an essential tool.

Download Google Translate

Learning languages ??with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, for competing against the clock and for leveling up. All the lessons are short and effective and have proof that they work.

Download Duolingo

CamDictionary – Free
A good application to make translations through the camera of our smartphone.

Download Cam Dictionary

Babbel is another recommended app for those who want to learn English in an easy way, since it is divided into lessons that only last between 10 and 15 minutes each. It has lesson packages that cover different skills, including those adapted for beginners as well as for advanced students. The application teaches you a variety of words and phrases, and challenges you to spell them, speak them out loud and put them into sentences.

The good thing about Babbel is that he focuses on conversational learning and explains the grammar rules as you progress. Filling the gaps with words in simulated conversations is fun and the lessons progress in a logical and traditional way, starting with basic conversation phrases that you will want to master. You can also download lessons to work while you’re offline.
Download Babbel

To finish. If you are looking to expand your vocabulary in English, Voxy is an excellent choice for you. Every day presents different news in different categories (politics, business, art, culture, technology and more). The app emphasizes the key vocabulary and from the words teaches the meaning and how they are pronounced. Then you can do exercises to know if you have understood and memorized the vocabulary.

In addition, it has a section of phrases that offers even more vocabulary and expressions and practice in its use. You can even access the specific vocabulary depending on where you are (a bank, a restaurant or a football field).

Download Voxy



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