//Best 13 Myths About Dental Health You Should Know
Dental Health

Best 13 Myths About Dental Health You Should Know

Through friends, family, google user or internet, we access every day a lot of information regarding. The care or prevention that we should have to maintain our oral greeting.

Myths and homemade remedies appear everywhere. As expected, many of them are not true and can cause problems for our oral health.

Here is a list of the 13 most recurrent myths:

1>Smoking worsens dental health. True, since the cigarette decreases the oral immunological capacity. So it is much more feasible for the bacterial cycle of the mouth to translate into dental diseases. In addition, the cigarette stains the teeth, like tea, red wine, and coffee. When consumed in large quantities.

2>Caries of baby teeth does not affect the definitive ones. False, tooth decay needs to be treated as soon as possible. As it can be responsible for serious problems in the final dentition.

3>The mouthwash is useful for dental hygiene. True. Mouthwash is a good complement to dental health. But does not replace brushing and flossing.


4>Cavities always hurt. False, the woman in pregnancy has enough calcium deposits to form the dentition of her child. Not have problems with her own teeth. What can happen is the so-called gestational gingivitis. Inflammation of the gum caused by the hormonal disorder of this stage. Which causes many women to avoid brushing due to nausea. It is for this reason that pregnant women need to maximize their dental hygiene. Go to the dentist for review during pregnancy.

5>Chewing gum replaces brushing. False myth is very widespread. It helps to generate more saliva and improve PH but in no case can it replace dental floss. Interdental brush and toothbrush.

6>The teeth are always responsible for bad breath. False, since bad breath appears due to lack of dental hygiene. Accumulation of remains and bacteria. It often has its origin in gastrointestinal problems.

7>Aspirin on the tooth eliminates pain. False. It is an ancient belief that caused serious gum problems.

8>Hard brushes clean better than soft ones. False, all brushes fulfill their function in the same way. It has even been shown that hard brushes can cause injuries to the patient’s gum.

9>Baking soda is good for teeth whitening. False. Although formerly it was used as a bleach. It is not recommended since it is very abrasive and causes damage to the enamel. Teeth whitening should be done only by a dentist. Remember that brushing should be done after each meal and hygiene has to be thorough with all the necessary elements. A paste that has non-abrasive fluoride will keep your teeth clean and will not damage the enamel.


10>Wisdom teeth should always be extracted. Although the wisdom tooth currently has no use. It should only be extracted when its position and development cause infections. Problems for the rest of the teeth. Each case must be evaluated by a dentist.

11>Implants are for life. False, since the lack of dental hygiene. The accumulation of bacteria and the patient’s own physiology affect its duration.

12>Dental cleaning spoils or scratches the teeth. False. Dental cleaning is used to remove plaque. Tartar that is deposited on the teeth and therefore avoids future pathologies. Such as periodontitis, also known colloquially as “pyorrhea.” At least one cleaning per year is recommended.

13>Dentures are for life. False, since the materials must be replaced by their wear and contamination. Gingival tissues evolve over the years so that the stiffness of the prosthesis can cause discomfort. Which is why it must be checked or replaced.

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