//The 16 best free image banks of 2019
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The 16 best free image banks of 2019

The 16 best free image banks of 2019 – [High Resolution]

In these days where blogging. Both individuals and companies overwhelm even the most hungry information seeker. The old adage “an image says more than a thousand words” has more and more weight.

When creating a website for your company or writing articles on your blog. The uses of images are necessary. But, time is short and resources are generally starved. So you usually choose to launch the website or publish. Articles with very poor images obtained from Google Images. Turning a blind eye to both copyright and the quality of these.

In order to give you a graceful and professional solution to this problem. I detail below the best banks of free images with professional photos, quality. Something always ignored and of great importance. That you have permission to use them: either the author’s or by the type of license.

Which images can be used without having legal problems?

The images you can use are those whose author has given you permission in writing. Those who have a Creative Commons License that enables you to do so. Creative Commons is a non-profit association that is dedicated to providing “free” dissemination to authors. (Be they photographers, video editors, writers or any generator of a creative piece). Through the creation of licensing regimes ” free of rights “. I put it in inverted commas because although there are certain limitations and restrictions. It could be said that the vast majority are free of rights almost in their entirety … almost!

There are many types of Creative Commons Licenses. Some let you give them personal use but not commercial. Others for personal and commercial use but with attribution. (You have to include the author’s name and send a link). Others do not let you touch it or modify it in any aspect. In short, the combinations are many and they will make you dizzy. For something, you are reading this.

As a way to simplify your life with these legal rights tricks. So that you do not have any problems. ONLY limit yourself to using the following type of images:

Those whose author has given you written permission:

either in an email, in the Flickr message tray, anywhere, the case is that you have your permission by writing, virtual or on paper.
Those with Creative Common License CC0.
As long as you stay within these two types, you will not have any kind of problem.

What does a CC0 license mean?

A CC0 license is a Creative Commons Public Domain License, that is, No Rights Reserved. This means that you can:

Use it for personal or commercial use.
You can copy, modify or distribute it.
All this, without asking permission or giving attribution of any kind.
Basically, you can do whatever you want with it, as it is in the public domain.

Basically, you can do whatever you want with it, as it is in the public domain.

Then, I leave you a list of the best image banks where you can find free photos for your Online Business.

The best free image banks



Excellent free image bank. With a wide community of photographers that allow Pexels to add 5 high-quality photographs every day. All of your images are licensed to the public domain Creative Common 0 (CC0).
Something that may confuse you is that below each list. On a separate line, they show smaller pictures of Shutterstock (known as a paid image bank). In order to obtain passive income. You just have to limit yourself to the large photographs above, which are the free ones.



One of the few that is in our beloved mother tongue. Which is no small thing, in addition to having a search engine that yields result in Castilian? Never equal to the overwhelming amount of images when we search in English. The licenses of all your images are public domain CC0. Which will give you the freedom to do what you want with your images without asking for any permission? Recently, it has incorporated, in addition to photos, illustrations, videos, and vectors. A detail that makes it a very useful bank.

See pixabay.com



Stokpic is a complete image bank with high-quality images. Great creativity, sustained and consistent growth (10 new photos every 2 weeks). Very easy to navigate and search for photos, and a Creative Common license with public domain. One limitation: you can do whatever you want, except redistribute them. Undoubtedly a favorite of many.

See photos from stokpic.com



One of the best banks of free images that exist, since it fuses images of excellent quality.  A great variety of subjects (city, people, nature, landscape, abstract, etc.). With a good search engine and a Creative Commons license. The public domain that will allow you to give personal or commercial use to photos, edit, modify. Odistribute them without permission or attribution. Highly recommended with its more than 800 images, and adding new almost daily.

See photos of stocksnap.io.



Although it is relatively new and, at the moment, small. It has free high-resolution photos so you can use it under a CC0 license. But with certain modifications (for example: do not use it in pornographic websites, criminals, etc.). These are properties of Ryan Macguire, professional photographer, and present a great work of editing and, some, with visual effects of their own style.

A simple click on each image is enough for them to be downloaded at their maximum resolution.

See gratisograophy.com



This bank has images of extreme quality, very professional and very varied, predominantly landscapes and nature. According to its home page, all its images are for public use (CC0 License). Totally free of restrictions. Something interesting is that they religiously publish new images on a weekly basis.

See photos of lifeofpix.com



This bank has a strange combination of images of city, nature and office interiors. Which are very useful … except for the excessive photographs of flowers. All these images are in the public domain (CC0). Therefore they are total without rights. Also, like Lifeofapix, they add new free photos weekly.

See mmtstock.com bank



Magdeleine people have a wide variety of high-resolution photos ranging from the abstract (ideal for backgrounds). Through nature, city, and people among others, playing heavily with the contrasts. The promise is for a new photo per day. The vast majority of them are public domain (Creative Common 0). So you can do what you want with them, without asking for permission or giving attribution. Only some images are licensed Creative Common 4.0. Which enables you to use them for personal or commercial use. But giving a correct attribution to the author (name and link). This you can check once you click inside each image.

In the upper right corner, you will see an icon:

if you have a 0 it is public domain, and if you do not have it, just do not use it.

See free photos of magdeleine.co



One of the best and most complete CC0 image banks that exist. Not only because it has pictures of the highest quality at no cost. But because of its constant growth while maintaining the quality of the photographs. If you want, you can click on the authors, and you will have a list of all the images they have uploaded. This is particularly useful when you are looking for a specific style or images of the same theme or format.
See pictures of Unplash



A good bank of royalty free images (CC0). Where you will find a large number of images of landscapes. City and nature, playing with a lot of contrast. Something negative is that it does not have a search engine. So you have to navigate the site to find what you are looking for. As a positive, it has the fact that a simple click will make you download the image in its maximum quality.

See pictures of cupcake


Excellent images of high quality. Touching themes such as city, landscapes and abstract. Religiously he adds new photographs every week. As for the license of the same: for public use (Creative Commons 1.0). So you can use them without asking permission for personal or commercial use. It does not have a search engine. So one is obliged to go through them.

See bank of jaymantri.com



This new bank of images in frank growth (adds new photographs monthly). Deals with topics such as urban landscapes and lifestyles, mainly. Your Creative Commons Public Domain CC0. The license will allow you to use them for personal or commercial use, modify, edit. Distribute them without giving them attribution. Something that adds up and a lot in these times of limited hours is its simple but efficient search engine.

See pics of picography.co



Old Stockvault will be present in the vast majority of listings of the best banks of free images you can find. Here you will find high-quality images. The vast majority of these will be in the public domain (CC0 license). To stay calm, each photograph has a box with the details of it, and in “License” you must have “Creative Commons – CC0” to be in the public domain. Those that are paid, Stockvault lists them on the right side (you will notice because they are smaller).

See stockvault.net


This image bank has an audience of startups, bloggers, developers.  Websites related to the technological world. Their high definition images are free of rights (CC0). Therefore can be used for any purpose.

See photos of startupstockphotos.com


This bank of images born in Italy has photos of the highest quality and categories of all types. Although your License is not a Creative Commons public domain (never mention what license they have). ALL of them are free as long as you respect the uses that can be given to each of them. Under each image, you are detailed for what you can use it for.

See photos of splitshire.com



Super Famous is a site that, among other things. Has a very large bank of images of landscapes, natural. Abstract photographs ideal for backgrounds. The images are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Which means that they can be used for any use, including commercial, as long as they are given attribution: send them a link, add the author, and notify them of any changes made to them. the picture.

See bank of superfamous.com

If, after finding the images you were looking for, you need to edit. Retouch them, here I leave you with the free Tools to edit images.

Help us expand this bank of images, leaving us in the comments area those Banks that we should consider including

This is Mithon. Dupword.com founder.