//Best social networks for your business

Best social networks for your business

How to choose the best social networks for your business

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What is the first thing you do? As soon as you open your eye in the morning? Do you go to the toilet? Do you dress? Breakfast? Or maybe you check the latest updates of your social networks?

Maybe the last option is the correct one. If so, I announce that you are part of that 16% of any people who do not get out of bed without first checking their smartphone according to the study.

16% is a very discreet figure, you will think. Well, that’s just the data of those who browse their social networks before putting their feet on the floor every morning. But I will tell you that more than half of the peoples enter their profiles before the half-day meal. Without a doubt, a striking fact.

Why is there so much question? No, it’s not that today he put me in “gossip mode” ??. I just want to make you reflect on the importance that social networks are acquiring today, although surely you have already noticed it and that is why you have landed in this article.

I do not abandon the figures; in fact, in this post, you will find a few, but tranquil @ because once you finish reading it you will have the answer to that question that has been around for a long time. How to choose the best social networks for my business?

3 key tips before choosing the best social networks for your project

We continue with the data. 42% of the world population uses social networks actively. Nothing more and nothing less than 3.196 million people.

What conclusion do we draw? If you want to sell, you have to be in social networks because that’s where a good portion of your potential customers are concentrated.

Now, how to know which social network is appropriate?
 1)))   Decide what you want to achieve

Before choosing the best social networks for your business. You must consider what objectives you pursue with this new marketing action: increase sales, increase traffic to your website, benefit your link building by generating a greater number of incoming links, or gain brand visibility.

These are the 4 main objectives that companies raise with their social networks. Keep them always present because they will help guide your decision about having a presence in one or another social network.

 2))) Make clear who you want to reach

Once you have clear objectives. You need to determine your target audience. Delimiting whom you want to address will let you know where to find it. It is not the same to have a youth fashion business as a law firm specializing in wills and inheritance, right?

The target of your business will help you to select the appropriate social network according to the demographic profiles of the users who visit it.

Therefore, the solution to be in all social networks is not applicable to all businesses. Why do you want to spend time and resources on a social network where your ideal client is not concentrated?

3))) Always bet on the quality

Never forget that social networks always prioritize quality over quantity.

On the one hand, the quality of the content you share. Do not publish the first thing that comes to mind. Always try to bet on interesting content, those that your audience is demanding and that provide them with value. Developing a Social Media plan will help you in this regard.

The quality will also be determined by the time or resources you can devote to managing your social networks. It is not the same to manage them yourself along with the other tasks that a business entails than to outsource their management in freelancers or agencies.

It is realistic and covers only those networks in which your presence will be optimal. An abandoned or outdated social network can damage your brand image a lot. If you are going to manage your own networks, use tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite.

On the other hand, there is the quality of your followers or followers. It’s no use having 10,000 followers on Twitter if almost none interacts with you. That is the key to social networks today: the interaction.

The latest changes in the algorithms of social networks like Facebook or Instagram are moving in that direction. They look for the user’s interaction and response with the contents. Depending on the activity that the user demonstrates with that publication, their organic scope increases or decreases. The interests of the brands are less important and the tastes of the users are more important.

Top 6 social platforms where your business can be

I’m going to tell you about the 6 most advanced social networks today. Your business should be present in at least one of them. When choosing the best social networks, be clear that your project is unique with a few objectives, an ideal audience, a product, and its own niche. And maybe, what works for you, not you. Choose with criteria.



Topping the list is Facebook, the social network par excellence since it has the highest number of monthly active users: 2,167 million. It is almost inevitable that your business has a presence in it because it is at the top of the best social networks.

Facebook users make up 44% of women and 56% of men. The majority are between the ages of 18 and 34. It highlights the important presence of mature adults with ages between 55 and 65 years. These are figures to take into account if your product is directed to any of these profiles.

What can Facebook offer you as a social network for your business?

High capacity to connect with a large number of potential customers.
It is the largest platform of digital advertising directed, that is, you can filter fairly accurately who you want your publications to reach.

If you have a virtual store you can integrate it with Facebook by directly tagging the products in the publications you make.

It allows making live broadcasts that take precedence over the content of the wall.
Through Facebook, it is possible to share videos. It is a type of publication that works very well.
You can chat directly with your fans.

It is a great option to set up debates or forums on your business page or through your groups.



In the shadow of Facebook is Youtube with 1,500 million monthly active users. It is the second largest search engine after Google and is succeeding in eclipsing cable television among adults aged 18 to 34.

It is a very powerful social network that will continue to grow due to the growing impact of audiovisual publications.

YouTube can be one of the best social networks for your business if you have the capacity and resources to generate video content. Take a look at the interests according to the sex of the users to guide you. Men prefer to visualize content about sports and games. Among the women triumph videos about makeup and cosmetics.

What can Youtube offer you as a social network for your business?

You can host an unlimited amount of video content

It is completely free and you can monetize it according to the number of views and subscribers.
This social network allows you to reach a large number of users who search through the platform.
Discover more Youtube benefits for your business in this post.



The bronze medal is taken by Instagram with a total of 800 million monthly active users. It is a social network on the rise. It has grown over the powerful Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest.

If your business is aimed at women, consider yourself on Instagram since they constitute 50.4% of users. If your audience is millennials (25-35 years old) you should also reach them through this social network.

What can Instagram offer you as a social network for your business?

If you have a physical or visually appealing product, this network is essential. Of course, the images must be worked and be of quality to get the most out of it.

It allows you to humanize your brand through the stories that prevail over the rest of the contents of the feed.
You can show the minute to minute of your business through Instagram TV with a live broadcast.
It facilitates closer and personal communication with the users through direct messages.

The use of hashtags is very internalized by the users’ parts in this network. They make searching easier and you can use them to tag your photos.

Like Facebook is a platform where you can show paid advertising.



330 million active monthly users place Twitter in fourth place. Here are the most current topics and news. The age range that prevails among Twitter users ranges from 25 to 34 years.

What can Twitter offer you as a social network for your business?

It allows direct and immediate communication with your users.
You can interact with influential people and participate in debates or current events.
Twitter will keep you updated on news and trends in the sector.
Hashtags are another of the strengths of this social network.



It is known as the professional social network with 260 million monthly active users. 45% of the members that are part of LinkedIn occupy high positions in companies.

Eye to the data! The platform generates more potential customers for business than Facebook, Twitter, and even blogs.

It is a platform that relies more on textual content than the audiovisual. If you have a B2B business, LinkedIn will help you. However, if you are looking for a fleeting or large-scale marketing action, this is not your network.

What can LinkedIn offer you as a social network for your business?

It allows you to get in touch with other companies favoring B2B businesses.
You can create both personal and company pages that will help you publicize your business in a professional environment.

Through LinkedIn, you can promote new labor relations by sharing professional opportunities.
It helps you gain the professional credibility and position yourself as an expert in your subject sharing knowledge.



I close the list with Pinterest and its 200 million monthly active users. It is a visual platform based on images that help inspire and plan. This makes it a great showcase for your products and services.

What can Pinterest offer you as a social network for your business?

It is perfect if you lead companies with visual products or services such as restaurants or businesses related to art, crafts, crafts, decoration, DIY or design.

If you have e-commerce this is one of the best social networks for your business because it is the one that provides the most traffic to e-commerce, around 41%.

Pinterest users often like to buy things they see through the pins. More than 80% of users bought a product that they had “pinned” before.

If your business is aimed at women, you must be on Pinterest since about 80% of users are female.
The longevity of publications or pins is superior to social networks such as Twitter or Facebook where updates are more ephemeral.

It’s your turn. You must choose the best social networks to keep your business growing. With all this data, you can better guide your decision. And remember, if you have any questions … the comments area is yours!

This is Mithon. Dupword.com founder.