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Family planning providers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) reached.

An all-time high in 2018—with Texas earning the unfortunate distinction of leading the country in congenital syphilis.

If undiagnosed and untreated. Congenital syphilis (syphilis present at birth) can cause lifelong health problems for a child.

It can even cause a baby’s death. Several counties in the Panhandle and South Plains already experience higher.

The CDC recommends that women of reproductive age protect themselves by practicing safer sex. By getting tested for syphilis by a health care provider. If infected, the CDC recommends that women seek treatment immediately. Ask partners to get tested and treated to avoid reinfection.

As the CEO of Haven Health Clinics. The local family planning provider in Amarillo. We represent a real lifeline to our patients in need of high-quality sexual health care.

My organization’s sole mission is to provide access to quality medical care, reproductive health services. Services that are critical to reducing STD rates in the Panhandle.

Haven Health provides STD testing. Treatment needed to combat rising rates of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

Access to contraception including long-acting methods (IUDs and implants). Breast and cervical cancer screenings, and well-women exams.

These essential health services are made possible. In part, with the support of federal Title X family planning services funds which Haven Health. Has received through its long-standing partnership with the statewide Title X grantee.

The Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas. Haven Health is the only Title X supported clinic serving. The top 41 counties of the state of Texas.

We’re experiencing the most dangerous attack on. Our nation’s family planning program in its nearly 50-year history. One that mirrors our experience as a family planning provider in Texas in recent years.

Programs that support prevention. Treatment of STDs and other reproductive health care services should be supported. Not threatened by funding and policy challenges that ultimately. Result in barriers to care and poor health outcomes.

If not for Haven Health, over 52,000 women and men.

In our region would have gone without care. We continue providing critical sexual and reproductive health care today. Stand ready to respond to this emerging public health crisis. With more support and resources.

Family Planning, Breast, and Cervical Cancer Services. Primary Healthcare programs.

These programs and services are invaluable resources for people living in the Panhandle. South Plains and eligibility is based on family size and income. We welcome patients with private insurance.

Medicaid and anyone qualifying for the state’s programs. Including patients traveling from as far away as Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, and Wichita Falls.

We encourage anyone who has questions. About their STD status and reproductive health care needs to call us at (806) 322-3599.

Carolena S. Cogdill is a chief executive officer of Haven Health.

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