//Prepaid Visa Gift Card: Is it really worth it?

Prepaid Visa Gift Card: Is it really worth it?

Prepaid Visa Gift Card: Is it really worth it?

Visa Gift Card

Recently, the launch of the new Prepaid Visa Gift Card was announced. A new payment method (issued by this transaction network together with Payments and Blackhawk Network) that has also brought with it several doubts.

Visa Gift Card Only-USA

Today we will tell you everything you need to know about the subject:

How does the card work?
Where do I get it? What can I buy with her?

$1000 Free Only- USA

Etc. So you know if acquiring it really will be a good decision

First, how does it work?

The Visa Prepaid Gift Card, as its name indicates, is a prepaid plastic that works in any establishment that accepts Visa cards (inside and outside the national territory), even for digital purchases.

Although its funds are not rechargeable, this product is an advantage over most of the other existing gift cards in the country, since most of them only allow you to spend your balance in the stores that issue them.

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Where can I get the card?

There are more than 16,000 establishments that already offer the cards to the public (with amounts of $ 400, $ 900 or $ 1,400), and among them, we can highlight:

  1. Oxxo
  2. Sanborn’s
  3. Chedraui
  4. Mexican commercial
  5. Cool City
  6. Office Depot
  7. Office Max
  8. Liverpool
  9. Radio Shack
  10. HEB
  11. Home Store
Can I withdraw the balance of my plastic at an ATM?

We regret to tell you that having cash with your gift card will not be possible, since, according to exact terms, Visa: “is designed for the acquisition of goods and services in any establishment with a Point of Sale Terminal”.

On the other hand, you can check the available balance on your card at any time, directly on the Payments website.

Gift Card Only-USA

What else should I know about the product?

You can make different payments with the card, as long as you have the available balance.
Before using the plastic for online purchases, you must register it directly on this site.
The Prepaid Visa Gift Card has a validity of 5 years, a reasonable period.

Whoever receives it will not have to link it to any bank account or provide any personal information.
With it you will have different promotions available on the Visa website.


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