//How To Skip Your Period With Birth Control Pills
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How To Skip Your Period With Birth Control Pills

Dr Pixie McKenna, Superdrug’s Health Ambassador, said: ‘The Period Delay Pill offers women more choice when it comes to their periods.’

Birth control pills are distributed in packages of 21 and 28 pills. The reason is very simple.

The package of 28 is to maintain the consumption routine and remember your start date of a new package. Otherwise, the purpose is the same.

Although there is no research confirming that there is no problem skipping the menstrual period, there is also no one that shows that this causes damage to health.how to skip your period with birth control pills.

After talking with several doctors, everyone agreed that the monthly feminine sacred is a cleaning process that is not strictly necessary for the body.

Avoid having the menstrual period from time to time, it has no contraindications. But like everything else, excesses can be harmful. If you would like to avoid bleeding for a month here we will tell you how to do it.

If you want something more permanent. We suggest you consult your gynecologist who can point you to other contraceptive alternatives that fulfill the same purpose.

If you consume birth control pills in a pack of 21. As soon as you finish the current dose. The next one begins immediately. You do not need to pause between the current pack and the next one.

If instead, your package is 28 pills. You will notice that the latter have a different color. These pills do not contain hormones. Its purpose is that you do not lose the consumption routine.how to skip your period with birth control pills.

Start date of the new package. Instead of consuming the 8 different-looking pills. Take a hormonal pill from the new package and restart your cycle.

Avoiding your menstrual period can also be done if you use the vaginal contraceptive ring. The only thing you change in the routine is that when you withdraw the current one after 28 days.

You immediately enter the next one. Your body will continue to receive the same hormonal load that sends a message of no bleeding.

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