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The best movies

The best movies and series premiere of the week of May 20


Start a new week of premieres in the cinema and series. This week of May 20 may many have the spotlight at the premiere of the Aladdin remake. But there is also much to choose from and different genres to enjoy between the premieres of this week. A trip to the past aboard a Luxury liner or a delicious evening in the house of a pirate are also good plans . or not.

Live life

Live lifeWe started the list of premieres of the week of May 20, 2019, with the Spanish comedy Viva la Vida. It is a light comedy starring Pablo Chiapella (You know, Amadooooor in La queue use Evelina). After being seized a family will have to move with her parents. To get out of their situation they will have to get into the very shady business. The rest is a series of hilarious moments that will make us disconnect from our day to day with Viva la Vida. The best movies

The Widow

The WidowDo you know these people you are visiting and it seems that you do not want them to leave your house? Well, the horror movie The Widow goes more or less that. A woman becomes obsessed with a young woman she knows so much that she ends up giving Yuyu. All this of course with the touch of terror that the director Neil Jordan has given to the plot that will be starring Chloë Grace Moretz, who will remember for his role as Hit-Girl in the two installments of Kick-Ass.

The son

the sonAnother of the premieres of the rigor of the week of May 20 is undoubtedly El Hijo, that horror movie whose trailer was well projected before Peppa Pig in the United Kingdom to terrify all the children in the room. The son immerses us in the doubt of “What if Superman had not been a hero?” Of course, you already have our the best movies criticism of El Hijo so you can put on your boots with a movie whose main problem has been its lack of budget.


AladdinThe pointer premiere of the week of May 20 is undoubtedly the remake of Aladdin. The classic of Disney will jump to the real action next Friday with the main attraction of seeing Will Smith play the Genius that in his day shined with his own light thanks to Robin Williams. After the cumbersome operation of the remake of Dumbo, Disney hopes to channel its direction with this second remake of its classics for 2019, leaving behind Aladdin only the one of The Lion King.

The perfection

The perfectionWe went to Netflix to meet the film The Perfection, which promises to be a psychological film with dyes of terror in which nothing and everything is what it seems. The envy for the desire of the protagonist will lead two young people to put themselves to the limit of what is bearable by a human being … or even to surpass it. Perfection will premiere on May 24 on the VOD platform.

High seas

High seasLast but not least, the first season of Alta Mar will also arrive on Netflix this week the best movies. This is a series from the Spanish era in which Netflix invites us to board the Bárbara de Braganza, a luxury liner where commit a crime A vintage thriller with the attraction of the place where history is committed, at the height of great detectives. Netflix in this way invites us to play Cluedo on board a ship, without having to leave the mainland.

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So far our list of films and series that stand out the week of May 20. Naturally, there are many more releases, and feel free to make your recommendations in the comments section.

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