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websites to earn with CPA

websites to earn with cpa

10 types of websites to earn with CPA

When we talk about CPA marketing and we find the word “advertising space.” First what comes to mind the webmaster’s website. Perhaps, this is the most functional tool for placing content on the Internet. Today we will talk about what sites you can do to work with affiliate networks. What business models are suitable to promote offers.

To begin, let’s see, what advantages. Disadvantages do working with your own website have as an affiliate network?

Pros and cons of a website as an advertising space

If you choose a website as your main site to generate traffic to members of the affiliate network. It will give you many opportunities:

Distribution formats. The links in the text, banners, widgets, entire pages: You can access almost all advertising formats. The website allows you to place blocks of text, videos, photos, animations, product catalogs. In this sense, the functionality of the site is practically unlimited.

websites to earn with CPA

Long-term effect The website and its content will not disappear if, suddenly, you run out of budget for the promotion: it is sufficient to pay the hosting on time in a timely manner.  In general, it is a very small amount.

Accumulation effect. The more quality content you generate. The more active visitors to your website will be. The better the website will be indexed on the Internet and the faster it will go up to the search.

Low price. First, the websites are the content that you can generate yourself. Second, there are now many free CMS, whose functionality is enough to create a blog or forum. (You do not have to be a programmer).

Unlike the case where you are generating traffic directly to the advertiser’s website. On your website, you can see all the statistics. In addition, in real time. After configuring the analytics, you can access such indicators as user behavior. Time spent on the site, traffic sources, depth of visualization, conversions and much more. This data helps to test creatives. Ad campaigns and change them quickly to increase conversion.

But working with websites also has its difficulties:

It is necessary to constantly publish new information so that the site attracts visitors. This will require a constant investment of your own strengths, time and, sometimes, money. You can generate content yourself. Attract authors from third parties or users of the network, etc. The fact is that without your active participation.  Constant moderation, the site will not generate traffic.

Websites require the promotion of SEO, and this is a fairly long process. It may take months or even years before your page appears on at least the first page of the search result. The smaller the theme of your site. The faster it will go up in position. Another point that affects the progress of the search result is the number of websites that make references to your resource. If you publish unique and interesting content, other sites will want to share it (with reference to the source, of course). Users will want to go and see what else they can read/see about the related topic.

Let’s leave the main advice: do not try to adjust the page to the search algorithms, write for people, for your target audience. Text written in human language will work much more efficiently than the one set to a certain number of keyword occurrences.

Types of sites that work in CPA

Naturally, your website, your rules: if you put a giant button «Money here» or a gallery of photos of your children, it’s your thing. What we want to do is inform you about the most effective business models. This does not mean that, apart from this list, nothing works: use fantasy, creativity, use all available tools; It is possible that going beyond the usual helps you to create a new format.


It is a website that looks like a normal online store, with only one exception: to buy the selected product, the buyer goes directly to the seller’s website through an affiliate link. By working in this format, you can focus on something particular (for example, clothing of only large sizes or only sports accessories) or work with a wide range of things (for example, products from China).


websites to earn with CPA

You can have a blog like in a popular space, even on your own website. Blog must be dedicated to a specific topic in which you are good. How to work with blogs with CPA? You can make reviews of products or entire stores, their comparison, a selection of new products. Storytelling also works – when the life story is shared, giving a parallel to the products and services (for example, if it is a question of traveling, you can add links to offers of airline tickets, car rentals, bookings of the hotel, travel insurance, sportswear, and equipment, etc.). Blog – one of the formats that are most “natural” for the reader, so the ads in it have to be discreet, if not cause negative impression and worsen the image of the blogger.


websites to earn with CPA

Some believe that, with the arrival of social networks, the forums become a thing of the past, but this is not true: people are still willing to discuss urgent matters in a specially created site for this. In addition, forums have an advantage over groups in social networks and messengers, since they have a good index for SEO, which allows them to rank well in search results, and they have easy navigation to use more. The main advantage of the forum is that the same participants generate content, just indicate the correct vector. For example, it publishes a message in the women’s forum (of course, with the affiliate link): «Girls, I want to order X shampoo in iHerb, tell me who used it? Or what things did you ask for on this site, share your impressions? »Below will appear the messages of the participants who will go through your link or send their own link (which can be automatically converted into an affiliation link through the MoneyLink tool).

Cashback Service

Cashback – is the possibility of returning a part of the money spent on the purchase. It consists of the reward of the webmaster: for example, the advertiser is ready to give the webmaster 10% of the amount of the order. In turn, the webmaster shares this reward between him and the potential buyer, saying: we place an order, and 5% of the purchase price will be returned to the card. This is another way to motivate users to make a purchase. Today, more than 2/3 of the members of the affiliate program catalog are ready to work with cashback.

Sites with coupons and promotional codes

By analogy with the cashback services, these sites generate information about discounts in online stores. The sites with coupons and promotional codes are also offered in the network of partners, but it is necessary to control their relevance (for example, a coupon of a new buyer can work all year, while a discount dedicated to the day of March 8, just one month before the party). By the way, you can dedicate to the coupons, not the entire website, but only one section, and it will adapt to almost any topic on the site: for entertainment resources, and for news portals, and for blogs.

Sites with comments

They are the other type of sites where the content is generated by the users themselves: you place an affiliate link to the product/service, and the users leave their comments. In addition, if a user has not found a product/service among the topics discussed, you can establish a new one and count your impressions. Here you can work both on a restricted topic (for example, cars) and on a broad one (goods with massive demand). To motivate people to share their opinions, you can offer them a coupon for a discount, free shipping or cashback.

Comparison sites

In these sites, you can compare the goods themselves (for example, phone models with key parameters), as well as their prices. All you need is to complete the current product catalog of each of the offers and create a comparison logic (for example, set filters such as “Price, shipping cost, delivery time, warranty, user rating”). You can also often add a section with customer comments or a blog section (where you do a product test or visually compare the news). Best of all, it works with almost all types of technology: digital, consumer, personalized and also cars.

Thematic information portals

These sites are usually a knowledge base and add information about a specific topic: articles, news, reviews, analysis. It is a type of online magazine where you or the invited authors publish useful non-advertising information. After you have launched this site, you can offer banner sites (for example, Google or Yandex) on it, sell them directly to advertisers and, of course, place banners (and not only) with CPA. In addition, you have the opportunity to make a separate section to place special offers from advertisers

Pre-landing page

websites to earn with CPA

These types of sites are generally used by those engaged in contextual advertising. If you pass traffic to the advertiser’s site directly from the ad contextual ad, then you do not have operational access to the order statistics (in fact, only the advertiser has them). In order to track the quality of the ads, see the reaction of the users and, most importantly, the conversion in the orders, you can make a pre-landing page to collect the requests of the users. This site is especially good at collecting leads for financial offers (brokerage traffic): you centralize the requests of the users, which are then transferred to the advertisers.


websites to earn with CPA

Doorways have consisted of hundreds of thousands of popular search queries. The doorway is an automatically generated text page, which includes all types of keywords. From the point of view of SEO, this page will be perfectly optimized, so the probability that this site is among the first results of the search is high. The main income comes from the placed ad. A quality doorway must have content that people read or, at least, try to read, its design has attractiveness: lists, tables, relevant images, and videos. The titles must have legible constructions, not a set of keywords that do not correlate with the content at all.

When developing your site to work with CPA, remember: you should not focus solely on the text or the design of the products, thinking that «the more it is, the better». Your site should have comfortable navigation, easy search, etc. Do not forget the clarity: the illustrations, videos, screens, photos will make the content more attractive to visitors, and this is necessary so that they can click on your links.

This is Mithon. Dupword.com founder.